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Black Believes

Black Believes Gallery: A gallery that is made of black

These pix are like the fresh collection of believing. Being made of black which means believing right. I think you shud crack open a Guinness and enjoy these coz if you gonna be looking at shots that show you black believes, then you gotta be drinking black and Guinness is #madeofblack.

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Get to Know Me

What you can call me:


Where I'm at:
Ibadan but making moves to Lagos God willing

My drink of choice:
I like my beer but I like it black and smooth, so Guinness

What I like:
Maheeda - this gal she's too sizzling. The Naija bad girl what can I say?

Jerry Springer haaa you know Jerry Ukeje just coz when he brings it you know he's there.

I'm doing my film studies then gon be showing them how it's done in Nollywood - seeking to get to Lagos for that. And if I can get Majid Michel in a film one day then I know I've made it.

What I live by:
I believe in myself first of all.

I live by those things I'm hearing from my pastor and I don't listen to any hater talk from outside or within. If you don't try you'll never know. That's what I live by.

Jerry Ukeje #blackbelieves

Jerry is #madeofblack

This Jerry Ukeje is the dopest Nigerian performer. Ya’ll must have heard of Jerry Springer and we not talking about that American show with the backwards peeps fighting. We calling king Ukeje Jerry Springer cause this guy knows how to perform. He knows how to bounce man! If you watch him you’ll see him move like he’s got springs in his feet or some other kinda black magic.

I’ve caught him at some dope events and I’m smiling here seeing how this whole made of black thing is giving him the credit he deserves. This guy man, he don’t even need space to perform - he like makes his own space.

I saw our man Jerry in Lagos and he was telling everyone how he wasn’t always as confident like as he is now. Stage fright and other fears were holding him back but he kept the faith in himself and now nothing holds him back and he keeps it real and fresh.

In Nigeria we love to see this guy perform he brings crowds of people even if he is just performing like unplanned on the spot kinda thing. Other acrobats do tricks but Jerry gives you a show. There’s a full blend of dance and tricks this guy got nyash you know?

He’s speaking through this made of black thing and that’s what I think is good cause he’s representing faith and belief which we all need to have. If Jerry believes and he says he’s made of black then I’m made of black too. #madeofblack

Jerry's Video

Check out Jerry's video below and see exactly why he is #madeofblack

Black Believes

I’m feeling inspired by this made of black thing guys. Like hearing that black believes sits well with me. If black is faith, if black believes then I’m made of black too. Don’t matter what color we are on the outside so long as we strong on the inside.

What I think they’re tryna say here is that black believes. Black has faith. Black reaches for the stars. It’s an attitude. It’s how I feel when I feel I can do anything. If I’m made of black then I go that extra step, I get up when I fall and try again.

It’s like they always say FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Black has got me fired up yo. If black believes I believe. That guy who made Guinness had to believe in something too. He had to believe in himself. Sometimes you’re the only one who believes and look what he did for himself and for us even.

I’m hearing that nothing worth having comes easy and that makes me feel motivated. Like I gotta do more and be more. I’m feeling this made of black thing! I’m raisin my Guinness to the peeps behind this coz I’m feeling inspired. If black believes, I believe. Coz I’m made of black.